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About Alix & Stephen

Kansas City Natives, Stephen and Alix bring their unique brand of family friendly humor to social media chronicling their daily lives as a modern family in the American Mid West. Whether it’s funny trends, family experiences or just everyday craziness they are one of the most watched couples on Social Media. Boasting multiple millions of fans across multiple platforms, they are continuously growing and delivery quality content to the masses. Join in the fun and follow along with them and they bring levity and laughs to households worldwide. 

About Our Logo

A lot of you are probably wondering about our logo. “What does it mean?”, “Why does it look familiar?”. It’s simple. We did not know where to begin with a logo so we based it off our favorite anime’s. Stephen Dragonball Z and Alix Naruto. And there ya have it. Part Hidden Leaf symbol and part four star dragonball. We absolutely love it. 🥰

– Alix & Stephen